Our Mission Is...

To drive positive development in all 53 Commonwealth Nations, helping the 2.4 billion citizens worldwide, to recognise their dreams and inspire them to a better future. We recognise that through collaboration and inclusivity, a more optimistic future is available for all.

We connect people and organisations in one of 53 Commonwealth nations to work together and enhance their future prospects. This is achieved through a variety of events, projects and networking across several key themes.

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Our mission is to see a Commonwealth thriving on the excellence of our Communities, celebrating our cultural differences whilst working together for a more optimistic future for all.

Through a dedicated taskforce of members, our organisation is committed to delivering standards of excellence in all areas of society. Through collaboration, we aim to deliver on education, healthcare, business growth, international relations, social development and international trade.

We are strong advocates of the International Declaration of Human Rights and follow this declaration outlined by the United Nations, campaigning for the rights of all Commonwealth Citizens and encourage unity amongst members.

We will act as thought leaders, and drive initiatives through Governments, International Bodies and Commonwealth Associations; and we will deliver information and awareness of key, Commonwealth developments, encouraging knowledge share and participation.

Providing an avenue for our people to share news and promote events, we will strive for the future of our members and the 53 nations within the Commonwealth.

We will also offer opportunities for the young people of all Commonwealth Countries to develop to their greatest potential; these people are the future of our Commonwealth, and our desire to support them and deliver a sustainable path of progression is at the heart of everything we do.

Commonwealth Future represents a positive future for all, inspiration for our members, deeper thinking for our partners and optimistic prospects for all Communities.

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Our Values

Commonwealth Future has been inaugurated not to duplicate, undermine or discredit existing work carried out by other associations and the Commonwealth.

The organisation has not been formed to become the sole rallying call but endeavours to promote unity and harmony throughout the community and coordinate work where necessary.

It is built on the consultation, co-operation and coordination amongst members and groups related to the Commonwealth and is fully democratic.

Commonwealth Future is an inclusive body that works with and actively promotes all races, religions, schools of thoughts and traditions represented. Its members come from all social and cultural backgrounds, professional and political persuasions.


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Our Vision

Transforming the world through ideas and action

Commonwealth Future is an organisation dedicated to growing a network of highly skilled, highly talented and especially inspired citizens throughout the 53 nations of the Commonwealth, with the aim centred on developing a progressive and inclusive society for all 2.4 billion members of the Commonwealth population.

As a committed group of members, Commonwealth Future wishes to promote standards of excellence across the Commonwealth Community and will seek to achieve these aims by empowering and transforming the lives of Commonwealth Citizens through education, healthcare, business enterprise, trade, community engagement and offering support to young people.

Our focus is on bringing people together through collaboration and knowledge sharing, between people and organisations, from all 53 nations of the Commonwealth. The emphasis will be very much about teamwork, partnerships and building relationships that work for all.

By engaging with Governments, Associations and International Bodies across the Commonwealth, our emphasis will be on inspiring positive values and facilitating the International Commonwealth Community to come together with shared goals; realising a common purpose of improving lives, educating societies and enriching people throughout the Commonwealth, and the International Communities beyond.

Furthermore, we encourage members of our organisation to be advocates of social change for the greater good of all Commonwealth Communities, across all populations and for people of all backgrounds. We will do this by working collectively with you and sharing the belief, that together, we can overcome the challenges and obstacles we jointly face.

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Our Work

Commonwealth Future is a coordinating organisation with a vibrant coalition of members and groups who have a connection with the Commonwealth and the future of its people.

Our work revolves around a number of key themes that build upon the power of people and projects across the world and the Commonwealth’s 53 nation states. This work spans a diverse but powerful range of areas including:

  • International trade and investment
  • Healthcare and mental health
  • Education and young people
  • Law and the role of trust
  • Sustainability and the environment
  • Community engagement and development
  • Promoting equality of all backgrounds
  • Providing a source of networking and knowledge sharing

This work is supported by a highly engaged and diverse coalition of people and organisations that support our mission and values. It is also recognised through the Commonwealth Future Awards and regular engagement activities that aim to connect, engage and inspire whilst providing a positive impact for the Commonwealth.