About Us

As an organisation, Commonwealth Future is committed to developing and creating positive and sustainable futures for all its members, by encouraging collaboration, teamwork and emerging partnerships throughout the 54 nations within the Commonwealth.

We are a group of highly motivated individuals, dedicated to raising standards of excellence, and promoting deeper thought around the treatment of society, in particular the Commonwealth population.

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Our Beliefs

We believe in a future that includes improved standards of education, better healthcare models and consistently developing social welfare.

Commonwealth Future believe all of this is possible through liaising closely with our members and non-members, on joint ideas and ventures; through working with young people and encouraging them to achieve their goals and ambitions, and by breaking down barriers that may exist between public and private enterprises, government bodies, associations and international organisations.

Our charity work is non-discriminatory, we believe in the fundamental basics of Human Rights and we wish to promote and encourage diversity of religion, cultures, ethnicities and social backgrounds.

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Through our commitment to team work, our responsibility as members and our drive towards a better future for Commonwealth Citizens, Commonwealth Future is dedicated towards providing improved standards of social welfare across all 54 nations within the Commonwealth.

Our work is focused on delivering better standards of education, improved healthcare facilities, increased trade and enterprise, and enhancing the opportunities for our young people.

Through our vast array of experience and valued team, our members will drive the change necessary through providing open communication channels with Governments, Associations and International Bodies at local, national and International Level, necessary to campaign for better social justice and the well-being of every Commonwealth community.