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Welcome to Commonwealth Future

Commonwealth Future exists to transform the lives of more than 2.4 billion people through trade, education, engagement and knowledge sharing that promotes excellence in society and changes the world through impact and ideas.

Changing Lives

To look towards a brighter, better future for all Commonwealth citizens, regardless or race, religion, age, gender, or sexuality. Commonwealth Future advocates human rights for all.

Diverse Coalition

Bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders committed to seeing improved trading partnerships, better healthcare and education, overall enhanced social welfare, and a sustainable impact in the Commonwealth.

Building Impact

We will provide the necessary communication channels to endorse empowerment for all citizens of the Commonwealth.

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Children of the commnwealth looking at the camera

Our Work

The work we do is at a local, regional, national and international level, providing opportunities for all members and facilitating their ideas and actions, encouraging social and economic development.

Commonwealth Future encourages trade and commerce between its members and non-members and will act as a co-ordinating organisation by connecting people to develop long term relationships, inspire long term growth and boost sustainable economies.

We will particularly focus our energies on people under the age of 30, offering advice and guidance, and providing opportunities for future generations.

Commonwealth Future will also be a strong voice for Human Rights, promoting unity and the freedom to express personal beliefs.

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